Knowing what is there!

The Curatorial group of the Storyplace at The Kodja Place have spent time carefully researching what is the best software option to accession the thousands of photos, hundreds of hours of oral histories and films and many documents and objects that now form the archives of the Kodja Place. The Kodja Place is not a collection place in the same way as the Kojonup Museum, as it has digital copies of the photos and it limits artefacts to a long term loan system. However the need for accessioning has become a priority and so the MOSAiC Collections Database from ISTechnology, Perth is to be purchased. Once the various fields are established we will be calling on local volunteers to help accession the photos. We hope to have the system established so that some of this work can be done from people’s homes using an internet connection to the site. Work for volunteers is expected to begin before the end of 2015.