Story of The Kodja Place

Story of the Kodja Place

Two great joys of creating The Kodja Place: Noongars and Wadjelas working together, and the involvement of so many from the local community and beyond. Photos left to right: Penny Young; Wendy Thorn/Kit Anderson.

Story of The Kodja Place

Behind the scenes

The background story to the creation of The Kodja Place is fascinating in its’ own right. Read about this amazing community effort in How we did it: community driven!

Dig deeper by selecting from the archival documents listed under More of the story.

Follow the link to the ABC Radio National ‘Life Matters’ broadcast, recorded at The Kodja Place, to hear local people talk about the project. This program was made after The Kodja Place won ABC Radio National’s Inaugural Marvellous Regional Museum Award in 2008.

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Note: ‘Kodja‘ and ‘kodj‘ are pronounced in the Noongar way – ‘koitch‘.