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More of the Story of the Kodja Place

More tender love & care for the school bus display; what a great feeling to see the display frameworks being mapped out!; precision team-work – father & son. Photos: left & middle by Penny Young; right by Wendy Thorn.

More of the story

Resource materials

If you would like to know more about the thinking and processes behind the creation of The Kodja Place, please browse the archival documents listed below:

To hear the ABC Radio National ‘Encounter’ program about local Noongar history and the creation of The Kodja Place, go to Our reconciliation experience. See also the ABC Radio National stories listed under Links.

A copy of The Kojonup Australian Rose Maze book, published by the Shire of Kojonup in 2002, can be viewed in the Storyplace library at The Kodja Place. The book contains an informative description of the project, a catalogue of the roses and garden structures, and the words of the Three Women’s Stories. A revised edition will be released for sale during 2013.