School visits

School Visits

The delights of a rose garden, banner painting, and billy milo and damper are some of the fabulous experiences for students at The Kodja Place. Photos: top left, bottom middle & bottom right by Wendy Thorn; top right courtesy of Parklands School; bottom left by Tracey Porter-Cox.

School visits

Much to see and do

The Kodja Place offers school students a rich and enjoyable learning experience:

Indigenous culture

Local Noongar-Indigenous Elder Jack Cox welcomes school groups with billy milo and damper around the campfire* at Yoondi’s Mia Mia.

Curriculum-based, group activities include:

  • Etching tracks of yonger (kangaroo), koomal (possum) and waitch (emu) in the Kodj Gallery
  • Spear and boomerang throwing
  • Boomerang and banner painting

Kojonup past and present

Explore the award-winning interpretive displays and the innovative approach to storytelling that combines personal stories from Kojonup’s Noongar and settler communities. These stories and experiences are ideally suited to the school curriculum, including Indigenous culture and local history studies. Students can also compare the past and present land uses of the district.

Explore The Kodja Place

Thought-provoking, emotive and amusing stories are presented in three interpretive spaces that have linking story-threads. Discover the stories of the:

A range of activities are available, including:

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* Subject to weather and seasonal restrictions.

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