Yoondi’s Mia Mia & the Bush Pockets

Yoondi's Mia Mia

Seasonal highlights at The Kodja Place include a winter campfire at Yoondi’s Mia Mia and spring wildflowers in the Bush Pockets. Billy tea and damper are treats available all year round as part of Jack’s Indigenous Tours. Photos: middle by Dan Paris; others by Wendy Thorn.

Yoondi’s Mia Mia and the Bush Pockets

A special place

Billy tea, damper and a campfire* make Yoondi’s Mia Mia a special gathering spot at The Kodja Place.

Enjoy the banter of Noongar-Indigenous Elder Jack Cox as he serves up his damper and takes you on a tour of the Kodj Gallery and Storyplace. Learn more about Jack’s Indigenous Tours.

The campsite has two mia mia or kornt, which are bush shelters that were used by traditional Noongars.

The site is named after Yoondi, one of the Three Women featured in the story-trails that weave through the adjacent Australian Rose Maze. Yoondi’s story shows the enduring strength of Noongar kinship and culture. Bush tucker is part of her story too.

Explore the small ‘bush pockets’ of local wildflowers and bush tucker plants, including wattle and cummuk, in the courtyard beside Yoondi’s Mia Mia. They give insight to the rich flora of Kojonup and feature some beautiful spring flowers, including red and blue Lechenaultia, pink feather flowers and kangaroo paws.

Subtly crossing and curving through The Kodja Place site are the Three Women’s storylines, including Yoondi’s. Trace them to find interesting connections.

* Subject to weather and seasonal restrictions.

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