• While you trace the Three Women’s Stories through the maze, there is so much else to discover, including more than 20 different pergolas and other structures and 100 varieties of Australian-bred roses!. Photo: Wendy Thorn.

Visitor and Cultural Experience

The Kodja Place tells the inside story of Australian country life in ways that will move and delight you. Voices, photographs, art and objects from Kojonup’s Noongar-Aboriginal and settler cultures are woven together in imaginative and richly-layered interpretations:

  • Trace the stories of Yoondi, Elizabeth and Maria along the enchanting pathways of the Australian Rose Maze to discover 100 years of Noongar, English and Italian experiences
  • Bush animal tracks in the Kodj Gallery lead you on a journey from traditional Noongar life to modern farming
  • Heart-felt and heart-warming, the personal stories in the Storyplace convey struggles for freedom and acceptance, hardships and achievements, and the joys and the everyday ways of contemporary country life
  • Enjoy yarns, billy-tea and damper in Yoondi’s Mia Mia.

Bring the family for hours of fun, or enjoy a travel break at the Black Cockatoo Café.